we’ve moved…

Hi Ladies

We’ve moved…not physically but virtually…to a new blog home 🙂  I was just about to write a new blog but somehow the old place has lost us…I’m changing all sorts of things up this year & so a new blog home actually makes a lot of sense.  Looking back over the old posts a lot has changed, it feels old to me now & I’m ready for a fresh start….

So, Good morning & welcome to our new home…

Over the last few months I’ve taken some time out & now I’m back to my most favourite thing…beading.  I have loved beading since that very first day (a Tuesday) when I met the tutor at the London College of Fashion who came to teach our costume class beading & embroidery. As soon as I finished that first class I was hooked…& now flash forward 23 years & I’ve got lots of projects on the go…my own designs this time… 🙂

I’m super excited to get back to our Etsy shop & fill it with all my loves.  I’ve decided to not work in collections but to add pieces as I finish them.  I’m a massive fan of all the fashion weeks around the world & their beautiful collections but for my purposes collections are just too restricting. All my pieces take time to design & make so my creative button is pushed when I can switch between colours & themes whenever I’m feeling it 🙂  My studio never looks more interesting to me than when all my pieces are sitting together…a complete mixture of colours & textures, all at different stages.  I love that mixture so I’d love my Etsy shop to have that same feel.

Well, I’d better get back in there, a bit more organising to do to before my studio is the place I love to be in.  Hooray for February & feeling all Spring-like 🙂

Have a fabulous Wednesday ladies, Victoria xx


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