fresh eyes…


fresh eyes…

Morning Ladies

Another Monday morning has arrived & it’s March already!  I’ve been very excited about clearing my studio & I’ve found that little spurts of energy in there are actually more productive than whole days getting lost in old photos & sketchbooks.  So, in between phone calls & spreadsheets I’ve had the odd half an hour in my studio & I’ve discovered all sorts of things I’d forgotten about.  Little packets of beads or charms I’d bought & tucked away for a making day or pieces of trim I’d bought because I loved them but had no idea what I would do with them.  Those little half hours have been almost as inspiring as the hours I spend with my fashion magazines every month, it’s exciting to see everything with fresh eyes.  Now, I’m finally managing to organise all the different items into little pots on my new shelving.  The next job is labelling (I really rebel against that much organisation but all those pots look the same in that moment when all I need is a safety pin…)

I’m hoping to get back in there for a sneaky half hour later on…who knows what I’ll find 🙂 Then a trip to to tip……

We’ll be adding pieces to our Etsy shop during March, watch this space for info!

Have a fabulous Monday ladies, Victoria x


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